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Harlan Gilbert grew up in the Chicago area.


Early Career

From age 16-21, Harlan worked part- and full-time as a computer programmer. In his early 20s, he designed several buildings, of which two were built: his own house and his plan, chosen in a competition, for the Elm Street synagogue in Chicago (built behind a preserved facade).

Career in education

Harlan was a class teacher in Waldorf elementary schools for 6 years. Since 2003, he has been a high school teacher of math, philosophy, and computer programming at Green Meadow Waldorf School.


Harlan has taught in a variety of teacher education programs, including Sunbridge Institute/College, the Fiber Crafts Studio, and Eurythmy Spring Valley, all in Chestnut Ridge, NY. From 2017-19, Harlan was Director of the English Studies Year at the Freie Hochschule Stuttgart (Germany), where he taught courses in English Language, Literature, and Cultural History. He leads and contributes to workshops on educational, philosophical, and anthroposophical themes in various locations.

Other things relevant to mention

Harlan has published one book and many articles (see Writings).

He has worked in various capacities as a German-English translator and interpreter.

Personal life

Harlan is married to Judit Gilbert, a craftsperson, eurythmist, and class teacher. Their children attended Waldorf schools in Scotland and the USA.

Studies in  literature, mathematics, and physics at Yale, Hampshire, and Reed colleges.
Architectural studies at the Boston Architectural Center (Boston, MA)

Certificate in Waldorf teacher education from Emerson College (England). 

Eurythmy (a movement art) at the Eurythmeum Zuccoli (Dornach, Switzerland)

Masters in Education, Sunbridge College (New York)

Ph.D. in Transformative Studies from the California Institute of Integral Studies (San Francisco).







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