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Harlan Gilbert has taught:


2022               The Karma of COVID. Three-part series for the Threefold Educational Foundation, Chestnut Ridge, NY.

                                Transcript of Lecture One   (click on link)

2021                The Karma of COVID. Budapest and Vác, Hungary

2020               Portals to Three Worlds: Sensing The Worlds Around, Within, and Between Us. An Overview of the 12 Senses,                                       Webinar for the Anthroposophical Society in America

2020               The Past, Present, and Future of Moral Technology. Chestnut Ridge, NY

2019                Why Me and Why Now: The Karma of Living in a Technological Age. Weekend workshop, Budapest, Hungary

2019                The Body, Soul and Spirit of Artificial Intelligence. Chestnut Ridge, NY

2018                Drama and Life. Weekend workshop, Budapest, Hungary

2017                The Evolution of Computers. Colloquium on Technology and Society, Research Institute for Waldorf                                               Education

2017                Destiny and Biography. Weekend workshop, Budapest, Hungary

2015                The Information Revolution. Week-long workshop, AWSNA Summer Conference Workshop.

2013                How Mathematics in Taught in a Waldorf School.  Green Meadow Waldorf School

2008               Mathematics Colloquium (co-leader). Weekend workshop, Chestnut Ridge, NY


2020               Portals to Three Worlds: Sensing The Worlds Around, Within, and Between Us. An overview of the 12 senses,                                     sponsored by the Anthroposophical Society of America

Seminars in Teacher Training Colleges:

English Literature

Cultural History



Cosmic Evolution

Developmental Psychology

Personal and Cultural Paradigms

Foundations of Human Experience

The Human Being: An anthroposophical perspective


Form Drawing

Projective Geometry

Mathematics for Class Teachers

High school:




Computer Science


Middle school:


Computer Science

Elementary grades:

Class teacher, grades 1-5


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